Rae + Jerry - Tofino Elopement

I started this trip in Vancouver and followed that up by taking the (not so) terrifying solo drive on Vancouver Island to Tofino. It turned out to be incredible and not at all frightening. Once I got there I was introduced to Rae. The sweetest human you will ever meet. When we first got talking I felt like I’ve known her forever, we instantly became friends and could chat about anything. 

Rae and Jerry have a pretty special story. They’ve been together for almost ten years but never married. They live in the chill town of Tofino with their daughter Ana. Instead of having a huge celebration, they decided why not just elope in the forest!? So that’s exactly what they did. It was a magical day to say the least. I’ve never witnessed anything as intimate as this. The bond between their little family was incredible. Below are the photos to prove it. Enjoy.

Alyssa ArnoldComment